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Mothers to be are told not to have hot showers or baths. Miss Price was DOING NEITHER. But was attacked and abused just the same. If you are inferring that it is me causing trouble, I did not fantasise about boiling babies or abuse anybody for false information.
My best friend who was both anemic and heavily pregnant at the time was advised by her midwife AND her doctor that the only heat she should come into contact with was via a hot water bottle at the later stages of her pregnancy because there was too high a risk of her fainting if she took hot baths due to her condition in hot weather (which including breathing difficulties). Not that she wanted a hot bath as she was boiling all the time!

Also I have NEVER fantasied about boiling babies so stop trying to put words in people's posts.

Anyway, back on track to the topic forum. Wonder what the top bid will be for the the stuff. Must. not. watch. them.
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