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If you want to bring awareness about the harms of drugs etc
into the discussion, there are ways to do it. Many celebs have actually done it on twitter. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are ones to come to my mind. Discussion about this is always good.

However there is no need to bring innocent children into the discussion, or make it seem like Cory's death was less drastic and tragic than other deaths just because of the way he did die. Death and loss can never be compared, and doing so when someone has died, is just inconsiderate and cruel.
Excuse me, I didnt bring children into this first you did.

My posts were neither inconsiderate or cruel. Although grief is not a game of oneupmanship I suspect most people would find the death of a child more tragic than that of an addict and that is why I disagreed with your comment. It does not mean that I am not saddened by this awful turn of events.
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