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Some of the Achele (Dianna Agron and Lea Michele) shippers I talked about are on my mind again, for all the wrong reasons.

It was bad enough when Cory Monteith was alive and they hated him for dating Lea and cropped him out of pictures, insulting him etc. But now? Still pretending Achele are a real couple, asking people not to mention Cory and Lea's relationship and being vile in general.

Real life ships based on fantasies are always troubling to me. A man and a woman, two men, two women.... none of it is healthy at all.
I thought Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles shippers took the cake, but this beats it out. Perspective people!!! Selfish, delusional and insensitive people out there

Sorry for the rant, just upset me a lot actually.
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