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JK Rowling is also one of the finest examples of "champagne liberalism"
She willingly pays her taxes and hasn't avoided them by leaving the country and living abroad..many people as rich as her would have done...She quietly does things for charity....

Jeremy Clarkson is a bell end and yes people think he is funny because they think rudeness and grown men playing with toys is funny too....I like James and Richard but have not watched Top Gear since he has been so friendly with Rebecca Wade.
He is arrogant and can get away with anything because he is too big and lucrative to fire...

Katie's comments on JK Rowling indicate jealous of someone who is famous for her talent and has never, ever had to traipse around tv and radio to being a loud mouth to make money...whilst telling everyone else to get a job...
JK Rowling has written in a different genre and nobody did now..people will pay money to buy her books...I can't see Katie Hopkins selling even a million copies of her book..
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