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Excuse me, I didnt bring children into this first you did.

My posts were neither inconsiderate or cruel. Although grief is not a game of oneupmanship I suspect most people would find the death of a child more tragic than that of an addict and that is why I disagreed with your comment. It does not mean that I am not saddened by this awful turn of events.
And so far there has been no confirmation that this was the death of an addict. In fact, at the moment, the initial tests have discovered no cause of death and so further toxicology and autopsy investigations are being carried out.
In addition, Vancouver Police spokesman Sergeant Randy Fincham has said the following: "Police see bad drugs in the city on occasion and officers recently noted two teenagers died of overdoses as a result, but there’s nothing to indicate Monteith’s death was due to illicit drug use"

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