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For somee people he might be a heart throb and you can see under is shirt he is now seriously is the single thing that he has improved on, that has improved his game and enabled him to beat Djokovic, who is also very, very fit...
Djokovic isn't a classic heart throb either in the Federer or Rafa way but he is a huge star in Serbia......Andy may have trouble with representing a clothing company, as well as Addidas...He is their no1 star right now.
BIB - a lot of tennis players have deals with non-sporting clothing companies. I don't know what they involve as I don't generally pay much attention, but I remember something about Tsonga signing a deal with Tommy Hilfigger recently, and he's also with Addidas. I suspect Andy only wears their stuff around and about so much because they send him stuff and he can avoid going shopping!

I think it's important to remember that being a "brand ambassador" or whatever it's called, is not the same thing as being a model. The best contracts with the big sports clothing companies go to the top athletes, especially if they are from a key market. Looks only come into play for the lower ranked players.

I know it's a bit different for the women. Being good, and from a primary market country is still important, but being pretty makes a much bigger difference, and that's because men have different priorities when buying sports clothes compared with women.

Andy's already been sat on the front row of a couple of Burberry fashion shows, and someone from their company was talking about him in his documentary, so they clearly see him as someone who they'd like to be associated with. I can't see any deal being a big one - he won't want the distraction.
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