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Kiko H Fan
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I would ban the phrases;
"fluants her pins'
" shows off her washboard stomach'
"toned and tanned"
"shows off her baby bump"
"flaunts her figure"
"flaunts her cleavage"
"shows off her derriere"
"flashes her bikini figure'
...............................................and that's just todays!

Lately the Mail site is one big commercial blatant advert. They 'pay' celebs (either by money or guaranteed exposure, who knows?) to wear a dress/bikini/perfume/new face cream and then have a click link to an advert where the sheep-like British public can get the same items as the 'celebs'..
I was under the impression that it used to be clearly marked 'advertorial' but clearly there are no rules any more.,
Don't forget "racy".

All the clothes are 'racy'.

See X in racy tights.

Here's X in a racy dress with a hint of bra.

etc. etc.

The DM is aimed at middle aged, middle class men to masturbate over.
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