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And you're an oil painting yourself I take it, Anyone ever tell there's something downright immature about talling someone else ugly - and it's not true. Andy Murray's a fairly ordinary looking bloke albet in better condition physically than the man in the street and I kinda like him for that - I don't think he's under any illusions about being a male model - he's just I think raising his profile and having a bit of fun with the status of being a tennis champ - good luck to him.

To be fair, the showbiz forum is there to poke fun at celebrities, it's not an appreciation forum. Also, whether posters are uglier than Murray or not is irrelevant as they are not modelling for Burberry (mainly because posters are not famous).

I don't know anyone who fancies Murray. That doesn't mean no one does (certainly Kim does ) but it seems to be a smaller proportion than for the likes of the other top tennis players.
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