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Seriously?? what is wrong with these people? He is no expert on child care.for gods sake he can't even look after a few fish after a few days because his attention span is shorter than a blinking fishes

P.s I've done my bit as have a few others and donated to his foundation... It's been 5 months since the " launch" and he has done NOTHING... before announcing a foundation the person usually has a major event to kick it of and bring it to the publics attention...what did Andre do?? Sat on lorraines sofa and talked about usual
[quote=Blue Eyed lady;67142361]I didn't see him on Lorraine, did he mention the foundation at all Betty?[/QUOTE]

Didn't see him either - what did he talk about then? and in case I can guess - (the kids, emms, music, wembly, coffee, calendar... )
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