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Sounds like PA is depending on others to do the hard work for him.

I wonder if CAN are holding back because of tax deductabilities on charities? I'm not an expert, but maybe it could get them in hot water if Pete doesn't deliver the end result - i.e. a foundation - and the tax man comes a knocking?

Hence, CAN not doing the work for him, therefore nowt is getting done.
This would not surprise me in the slightest but somehow I don't think anyone can bail him out of this one.

As for tax deductibilitys, that is way over my head but do charities not get a percentage of tax relief depending on funds raised?

I'm not going to name the actor, but there is one who supports many charities and his fanbase play a massive part in raising money. The fanbase actively encourage donations and keep everyone up to date with what activities he is partaking in or events. They managed to raise over 11,000 in a very short period of time and they do this several times a year (and this is just money from the fans on the likes of Twitter and Tumblr). It's quite refreshing to see fans and celebs working together without having to completely shout from the rooftops, but the lack of updates on PA's Twitter really annoys me (yes, I do follow him - sometimes I need to raise my blood pressure). Even if there is stuff going on behind the scenes, there's no harm in being enthusiastic about it and updating with what stage he and the charities are at - just some active encouragement. I've never seen his stints on This Morning so I'm not sure what he's been upto on that side of things.

If he is intent on this interactive nonsense, why not use it to the charities advantage? Why not post interviews or stories by those fighting or recovering from cancer etc? Why not show that lives can be saved and progress can be made if everyone gets involved? I suppose that can get into the realms of it being exploitative if done in the wrong way, but there's just so much wrong here, I don't really now where to begin... :(
Bits in bold..........this is when I turn into a broken record ie him wasting the brilliant opportunity Twitter offers on a plate.

Completely agree re your points about his interactive thingy, there must be hundreds of people who've made a full recovery or making fantastic progress in their battle against cancer & would be delighted to share their story in order to give others hope.
This I imagine, in turn would be even more of an incentive for people to donate to CRUK
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