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Seriously?? what is wrong with these people? He is no expert on child care.for gods sake he can't even look after a few fish after a few days because his attention span is shorter than a blinking fishes

P.s I've done my bit as have a few others and donated to his foundation... It's been 5 months since the " launch" and he has done NOTHING... before announcing a foundation the person usually has a major event to kick it of and bring it to the publics attention...what did Andre do?? Sat on lorraines sofa and talked about usual
I don't suppose on Lorraine's sofa PA explained away his questionable PR stunt he and Emily pulled with the patting of the tummy and her looking all.......whatever

Well, considering PA managed to convince the magazines, papers and of course Twitter that she was was getting ridiculous with all the speculation.

So I gather no explanation then?
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