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I would ban the phrases;
"fluants her pins'
" shows off her washboard stomach'
"toned and tanned"
"shows off her baby bump"
"flaunts her figure"
"flaunts her cleavage"
"shows off her derriere"
"flashes her bikini figure'
Superb . Was going to post this list but you beat me to it. Makes a fun drinking shots game. I almost imagine they have some software random generator where they throw in a celeb fashion pic and it just spews out haphazard cliches...

Don't forget "racy".

All the clothes are 'racy'.

See X in racy tights.

Here's X in a racy dress with a hint of bra.

etc. etc.

The DM is aimed at middle aged, middle class men to masturbate over.
And middle aged middle class women to tut-tut over
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