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BEL, no, the Virgin donation was to HIPZ via PA. It should have been updated on his page using the 'offline donation' facility to show (a) the total raised, (b) as a courtesy to Virgin for their generosity. He plainly just didn't bother or think it worthwhile to add it. What can you say?
Ah right, thanks Lexi. I think my brain is frazzled with all my Pete fury.
Indeed, what can you say, it appears Mr Perfect has slipped up in not acknowledging Virgin's donation, I defy anyone to defend him for that.

Wouldn't it be less embarrassing to just order yourself a calendar and have it delivered in a plain wrapper under cover of darkness?
Fan of the week ffs.
No prizes for guessing who twunt of the year is eh?
Of course it would be Azura but what if the "fan of the week" prize is TEN years worth of calendars, I ain't missing the opportunity of being able to gaze at him every day until 2024, I'm risking the embarrassment
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