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BEL, no, the Virgin donation was to HIPZ via PA. It should have been updated on his page using the 'offline donation' facility to show (a) the total raised, (b) as a courtesy to Virgin for their generosity. He plainly just didn't bother or think it worthwhile to add it. What can you say?
th HIPZ donation page is for him and his brother Mike. I don't follow them on twitter but does anyone know if Mike has put tweets asking for donations etc. Going on what the Andre brothers raised between them it shows how well Carl did with the money raised, and he appears to have a far lower profile than PA and his DJ brother.

Regarding the Channel..
Regarding PA's lack of promotion and any input from CAN. I wonder if CAN were asked to keep a back seat, otherwise the "promotion" would have consisted of the usual tweets from Amy and the other CAN clients. Normally the clients big up a new shop opening or new bra line, this is not quite something the charity might want....all just my own opinions and ramblings
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