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Regarding PA's lack of promotion and any input from CAN. I wonder if CAN were asked to keep a back seat, otherwise the "promotion" would have consisted of the usual tweets from Amy and the other CAN clients. Normally the clients big up a new shop opening or new bra line, this is not quite something the charity might want....all just my own opinions and ramblings
Cazzz, I can only speak from my own experience and that is that charities don't give a flying fig where donations come from as long as they come. No charity in their right mind would turn down support and CR, considering its remit and the non-discriminatory nature of cancer, would be more embracing than most. So no, that's a non-starter.

I have no idea why CAN are low key to date on PA's fundraising, but it's neither here nor there, it's not their responsibility. It's his 'foundation', he's the one that made the pledge on his website, so it's up to him to generate interest, not CAN, not random CANettes, who, to be fair, I'm sure would and will be fully behind him if he ever actually comes up with a proper, committed fundraising plan.
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