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I've been a long time lurker on this thread and have been thinking about posting for a while, but this has finally spurred me to. Fans of celebrities (generally Z-list ones) really need to learn that the appropriate response to anyone offering even the slightest criticism is not unpleasant personal insults. I have no idea what Azura wrote on the site (you couldn't pay me to visit it) but he or she is well within their rights to express their opinion on it. You are well within yours to disagree, but insulting him/her is unacceptable.
But in context, it's a person who daily writes negatively about PA, actively seeks him out regularly. Then they go over to his fan site & do the same on that. Time can't be a factor for some.

There are some pretty insulting things being said about Peter Andre's fans on this thread (deluded nutjobs springs to mind) as well as claims that insulting the 'natives' on that site is Azura Star's new hobby.

Horses for courses I suppose but if fans of Z list celebrities need to learn not to insult those who criticise them, then surely the same applies to non-fans insulting the fans?
Agree with you. I think his teen fans have more maturity to bother to come here to converse with/about people they don't like though.
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