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Completely agree re your points about his interactive thingy, there must be hundreds of people who've made a full recovery or making fantastic progress in their battle against cancer & would be delighted to share their story in order to give others hope.
This I imagine, in turn would be even more of an incentive for people to donate to CRUK
I imagine if he went about it in the right way, even people that can't warm to him would think that his efforts are commendable and would donate even a couple of quid. I think that seeing people who benefit from the work of cancer charities would make it more inclusive and people can see the *real* side of the battle against cancer.

Great post, kiviraat, you've covered pretty much all the points that distinguish committed fundraising from self-aggrandising but ultimately meaningless, self-serving woffle.
This is what I don't understand about him. He's been given a *massive* platform by one of the most recognizable charities in the UK, and he still can't pull his finger out and support them properly. It *really* doesn't take a lot to spread the word. I should know. I volunteered for charities for a long time!

Your suggestions are very commendable....but you must remember this site is...about Peter Andre...for Peter Andre's ego...and just Peter Andre.

If this site is anything like his Twitter, isn't it mainly run by staff, and the silly joke times are him of course
I know. That's what makes it really sad is that someone like PA has been chosen and is making a complete hash of it. I actually expected (slightly) more from him, even in a "me me me" sense of "Support this charity because it has the PA Seal of Approval" or some shizz. Oh God, his jokes. I groan whenever I see one pop up on my Tweet Deck *vomit*

Just had a peek at his TV Channel & he's only gone & announced a competition to be "fan of the week"
I'm having that!!!
ME! It's mine! It's all mine! *turns feral*

Wouldn't it be less embarrassing to just order yourself a calendar and have it delivered in a plain wrapper under cover of darkness?
Fan of the week ffs.
No prizes for guessing who twunt of the year is eh?
I remember just before I moved house, I went into a "Bargain Basement" type establishment and the place was full of PA calendars and unofficial KP ones. I nearly went blind with the amount of greasy flesh on show

*sigh* I don't know why I waste my bandwidth on this twerp, but I just love all your comments, good and bad...
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