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I have a alcoholic for a mum, she has now been sober for about 13 years. So stuff like this brings home to me how hard her struggle must of been .

So everybody has choices. Yes he went to rehab but clearly he was not ready to get clean or he would of stayed clean. We don't know if he was pushed to go by the people around him as they must of know as Heroin is such a hard drug.

We was probably fed a load of PR rubbish of how Cory was being brave and wanting to fight his demons and it was "his" choice and everybody was simply shocked when he announced it.

The fact of the matter is he was only in there a month, why when he was addicted to such a drug/alcohol was he in there for such a short amount of time?! - the detox alone would of taken days.
I don't think it was necessarily a case of him not being ready to get clean, it may have been that his addiction was so bad, no matter how much he tried, his body was probably too addicted because of all the substance abuse since a young age. It's not as easy as if you want to get clean, you stay clean, otherwise no drug addicts/alcoholics would ever relapse.

We also don't know if he was regular heroin user, or if this was the first time he'd used it. There's so much we still don't know about it all.
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