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I'm shocked and was hoping it wasn't drugs, but I expected it to be. its a shock that he was using Heroin.
This has really affected me, I'm not sure why. But this is the first real death of a celebrity who had a drug addiction that feels especially tragic to me. In a sense its changed how I view drug addiction.
I mean when Amy Winehouse died (albeit not due to drugs) I wasn't as sad, just sad for her family. I always expected her to die quite young unfortunately.
It appears Cory had tried so hard to fight it, was open about it and I just feel, as he is someone who has already been through addiction and recovered initially and then went on to have a successful career, supportive friends/family/girlfriend... Well I suppose it just made me feel that only a person with a drug addiction can understand why Cory would do that because it makes no sense to me having never taken drugs. His addiction must have had such a deep grip and perhaps one he had to fight every single day.

I don't see anything wrong in having compassion, feeling sad for Cory (and his loved ones) he died young, it was preventable and ultimately he lost a battle he apparently tried so hard to fight.
While he took himself took the drugs and is responsible for that, it doesn't make the impact of his death any less on his friends and family.

The amount of tributes saying what a nice guy he was goes to show this man was far more than his drug addiction and it is a shame it has taken him.

Rest in peace, Cory.

You have written pretty much how I am feeling as well about the tragedy. And yes to me it is a tragedy because of all that he was offering to the world. Not just in the role of Finn Hudson on Glee but in the many ways he was involving himself in helping others through charities and just off his own back.

The sense of shock not just from us on the forums or the public but also those within the Hollywood acting community says a lot because no one actually believe that he would be someone that would end up dying because of his addictions.

Having previously watched him in quite a few interviews he came across as such a nice and pleasant guy with a warm personality. Now I'm sure there will be others who say he could have been acting lot of it most of the time however I'm gonna believe the numerous stories not just from other famous people but also the crew of Glee and the fans that meet him as well as the people who got to interview him. Being someone who was addicted to drugs doesn't take away from the beautiful (and fragile) heart of the man.

As for the many, many non famous people struggling with similar issues like Cory, I do feel compassion for them but I don't get to see them on my tv screen regularly or see their lives so publicly on display that I get to know them a little so it will affect me differently for these reasons.

My heart goes out to his family, friends and Lea. The pain they will be going through and to have this out in the open for everyone to know about and talk about will make it worse for them because they can maybe have some idea of what it is look like considering Cory only recently left rehab. And knowing that someone they love will be judge in not such a positive light when they know the true person he is will make it heartbreaking. Already one or two people from Cory's family as well as his friends are defending his character and want people to remember him for the loving and caring person he was. Which is why for me it is so distasteful to have to read less than compassion comments from others but then again not surprising because there is a sense of self righteous and superiority in being proven right that he did died from drugs.

For me the fact that this young man died with so much at his feet and still much to offer to the world in terms of his family, friends, Lea and the possibility of them marrying and having a family together and his acting work as well as his involvement in the charities he was associated with is just so sad to know that he won't be able to continue his fight for a better life for others as well as himself.

RIP Cory and I for one will think of you a someone gone far too soon but who while still having all his problems was still trying to do a little good in the world because of having been given the opportunity because of became famous.
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