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And with a addictive personality it just grew and grew. But you wonder what was going in his life to start at 13 . Something must of been going on to trigger his downward spiral at such a tender age.
From what I read his parents had broken up. And he unhappy and not settling in schools. So while others cope and somehow manage to overcome their parents not being together anymore, it was the start of a downward spiral for him.

And if he fell into a bad crowd, then it would make it all the more easy for him to get involve with things the he shouldn't do.

And if it could make him forget his problems for a while, well for me, I can see why he did it back then, not necessary having the knowledge of the problems that would develop for him in his adult years.

Just so sad. My heart breaks for Cory, the man at 31 that died but also for Cory, the 13 year old boy who couldn't have begin to understand that by going down that road, his life would end up so tragically.
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