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I am fan of Pete's, and I have just been enjoying the terrific new site that he has created for his fans, when up pops a needless, facetious comment from Azura's Star. Just, why???

If you are a non-fan, spending your time reading, writing and trawling the internet for stuff about someone you can't stand, what does that make you? Desperate, sad and pathetic . And a troll.

btw, Pete has played and sold out Wembley before - get over it.
If people want to spend their days researching and finding out what their least favourite person in the entire world is doing and then posting about it to people of a similar viewpoint then that is their choice.

However if you choose to post on their fansite you can expect genuine fans to come on post on your non-fansite as they also have that right.
There are some pretty insulting things being said about Peter Andre's fans on this thread (deluded nutjobs springs to mind) as well as claims that insulting the 'natives' on that site is Azura Star's new hobby.

Horses for courses I suppose but if fans of Z list celebrities need to learn not to insult those who criticise them, then surely the same applies to non-fans insulting the fans?
But in context, it's a person who daily writes negatively about PA, actively seeks him out regularly. Then they go over to his fan site & do the same on that. Time can't be a factor for some.

Agree with you. I think his teen fans have more maturity to bother to come here to converse with/about people they don't like though.

I think it's only fair to at least attempt to address some of the points raised on here.
I was attempting to do things in a humorous way, but clearly failed miserably.

If you actually put the fact that BBCAndre is nothing more than a massive vanity project for the giant Manbaby to garner even more attention to one side, I would suggest that you read some of the posts his fans have been leaving.

So far, I have seen posters asking for advice about their gynaecological problems, a friend who is "cutting herself", and all manner of parenting issues.
These poor people are asking for this level of advice FROM PETER ANDRE
It's not just that he is in no way equipped to answer these questions, it's also frankly terrifying that anyone could possibly imagine that he could.

And it's that, along with the utter lack of any mention of his charity and fundraising activities that led me to post.

If people who are fans of his are offended, then I'm sorry that is how they feel but perhaps they should just spare a thought for some of the posters on BBCAndre who are so lacking in help and support (and possibly in some cases judgement) that they feel their only recourse to any kind of advice is from the orange one himself.
HE may or may not be an abomination, but imo this is.
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