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If he was that nice and loveable and happy then why was he doing Heroin ? - clearly he was a deeply troubled person and he could not of been that happy if he was doing such hard core drugs.

Happy, content people don't use drugs as a prop!!

Sorry but do you really get what you are saying.

Happy and content people don't do drugs, I can get with but to say that you can't be nice and loveable because he was using heroin is frankly baffling. From all accounts from people who knew him and were close to him, he was a wonderful guy and it seems to me that they are feeling the loss of him so greatly is because despite his addictions this was still a man you could turn to for anything.

Yes we can now see that he was deeply trouble but it doesn't away from the stories we are now hearing about how he took a little girl who had cancer and was a fan of the show to the set so she could meet up with his co-stars or that he gave a lift to a fan so she could get home or the other numerous stories that are coming out about his generosity to others.

So yes maybe not the go lucky, happy man we thought he was but not nice and loveable, well I think there are many people who knew him who would undoubtly tell you that is very much incorrect.
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