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Totally agree with you Betty , we give every month to Cancer Research , but I did donate a one off payment to PA's fund , our other charity is to Gt. Ormond St. We have been Friends of Gt Ormond St Hospital for over 30 years as my son ( a baby at the time ) was treated there for several years , they saved his life , so this is our primary charity , although we also donate to Oxfam from time to time. We would like to donate to most good causes , but finances dictate otherwise , so we prioritise the ones which are most important to us.
I totally understand where you are coming from.
Hi Momma We do the same, you get so many requests so we choose 5 each year to focus on and CR's always been one so we're supporting through Pete's Foundation this year. Seeing him in concert in a few days time so any requests? Though not sure how close we'll get as it's an open air one. Expected my OH to come under extreme sufferance but he was surprisingly enthusiastic (unless he just wants to keep an eye on me )
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