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Betty Britain
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Totally agree with you Betty , we give every month to Cancer Research , but I did donate a one off payment to PA's fund , our other charity is to Gt. Ormond St. We have been Friends of Gt Ormond St Hospital for over 30 years as my son ( a baby at the time ) was treated there for several years , they saved his life , so this is our primary charity , although we also donate to Oxfam from time to time. We would like to donate to most good causes , but finances dictate otherwise , so we prioritise the ones which are most important to us.
I totally understand where you are coming from.
Gt Ormond St is an amazing hospital..I've had dealing there myself (family member) my chosen charity is Zoe's Place a children's Hospice in Liverpool..they do an amazing job..but like you if I see a cause that is important I try to give when I can... Infact my birthday was recently and I asked my friends to give money to Zoe's place rather than gifts...
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