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I get the impression that a lot of those throwing abuse Cory's way is from people who are angry that Cory had the audacity to not be an "obvious" heroin or drug user.

How dare he look young and fit and healthy; How dare he manage to always perform well in his work; how dare he not be constantly late, fired, off his face and misbehaving; how dare he not be destroying every part of his life publicly; how dare he be known for being kind, warm, eloquent, and funny instead of rowdy, destructive, rude and crass.

People want to be able to clearly judge drug users, they want to be able to say "told ya!" when they succumb to their demons. They feel cheated because they thought they could like him or accept him and believe he was one of THEM, instead of one of those OTHERS they think of as drug users.He betrayed all that for them by being an incredibly decent, pleasant person who simply had one vice that sadly ended up killing him.

If anything, hopefully his death can show young people that EVEN IF you manage to control the rest of your life, a drug addiction can still kill you swiftly and silently.
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