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That's not fair. Kate Moss is Kate Moss, because she absolutely stunning when she was a young girl, absolutely perfect facial structure, not because she was airbrushed to look stunning.
Now they airbrush her because they still want to have her in their campaigns, because she sells, even though she does not look at all like in the old days.
Murray is just ugly, is not that he was once good looking, is simply a case of trying very hard to simply make him good looking. Not working though.
Kate Moss required a great deal of airbrushing even years ago - her skin was terrible long before she got lined. She has good bone structure (as does Murray) which is a prerequisite for good photographs. Personally I think Murray is more attractive than a lot of sportsmen - he's not disfigured by tatoos and got his own unadulterated teeth and hair for a start. But modelling for a fashion house like Burberry is much more about a particular look (they like English/Celtic looking models for a start) rather than people being bowled over by their sex appeal. I think these two have that look.
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