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A poem i writ for the new royal baby

The week we wait with breaths abated
And around the hospital we congregated
For there's to be a exciting event
A royal baby is heaven sent
A boy a girl it matters not
It'll gurgle and giggle in its cot
Let's celebrate with flags a waving and a flying
And remind each other that the royals are not a dying.
Margaret Elizabeth Mary Jo -
Who cares what's she called as long as she's no ho
For the chimes of the clock whispereth away
And we wait and we pray on this truly amazing day
It's a he! It's a she! crieth that nurse
It's so small it could fit in her purse
And as it grows to be a royal
So we must cherish it on our saintly soil
For baby's come but once a year
And today's the day -don't shed no tear!
It'll be wrapped up like a baby dove
And baby Windsor we send you hot hot love.
sorry, but that is awful. Don't give up the day job.
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