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Natalie and Artem did an interview with BBC Scotland today ...Link here if anyone interested to listen from around 5 min into the show....

Lovely to hear Natalie... she has a gorgeous voice... as well as a gorgeous body... although neither sound as spontaneous as P&K...But lovely interview...

Natalie has mentioned that SCD rehearsals start from the 12th August ... less than 4 weeks to go!!!!... Hopefully Pasha will be back for the start... ... Just the thought that he will be back on UK soil in less than 4 weeks makes me very very happy....
Happy Pashulty ...
Thanks for posting this Pashulty wont be long before the gorgeous Kovalev is back on UK soil and then the show starts.....and it will be Christmas before we blimmin know it

Incidentally rehearsals started last year on 13th August so looks like they are following the same schedule for this year....and Pash was back on the first day for rehearsals last fingers crossed
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