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Have you seen what they have written about Leah Totton...they seem to think because she is blonde, she is some kind of bimbo rather than an MD, who works in A&E..They usual fearfully reports by people that haven't actually listened to her business idea...they seem to think she is going to do all the treatments herself, rather than have fully trained, high quality staff, which is what she plans to do...Both finalists have been called Barbie's, even though they have great success, good brains and had very good, detailed business plans..Anti successful women, Daily Mail..but they have a section of Luisa in tiny shorts and top at the supermarket for that is what she is supposed to do...look hot and have her picture taken.
But did you know that successful career women grow facial hair. I kid you not. I read it in the DM sometime in the eighties.
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