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There's a series of photos up at FB now showing a Louisa scene being filmed in late March. Very interesting scene, with an explanation of what we're seeing with one of the photos.

Shop Girl, isn't that the Rix house in these photos? Or just similar?


Keep clicking next to see the whole scene.
Wow - lots of new stuff yesterday but that one was the most interesting - and puzzling. The house looks a LOT like the Rix house and according to the poster it is on Lundy St, which is where the Rix house is. But I kept going back and forth to my pictures and it just doesn't completely match. The pictures I got were from a website listing the house for sale about 6 months ago. On the two sides we could see the windows are completely different and parts of the house just don't match.

So, either the builder of the house constructed two similar houses on that street or there has been some extensive remodeling.
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