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Everyone in the thread seems to be agreed on the misogynist attitude of the Daily Mail. Really, the Mail, the Sun and the Mirror promote some of the worst aspects of UK culture and society.

The DM has a massive, very busy online presence, although the standard of journalism and editing on the site is very poor (bad spelling, worse grammar, mistakes common in picture captions, misleading copy, shamelessly ripping off stories from other newspapers, running 'attack interviews', seemingly no subediting).

DM articles delight in reducing talented women to their clothes and figure; pitting women against each other; attacking women constantly for being alternatively too fat or too thin; promoting women so that they can then tear them down viciously; constantly publishing spiteful and bullying columns by insecure, jealous trolls; attacking certain women by purposely printing the most unflattering pictures of them they can find.

So the real question is: why do so many (women) read the Daily Mail?

Amazingly enough, the DM has very many defenders, even on DS, plenty of readers seem to see nothing wrong with it, or (mistakenly) claim that it is just a version of The Guardian/The Independent 'for people who are not left-wing'.
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