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I like a lot of Michael's films, he seems like a decent bloke off screen, no whiff of infidelity regarding his long marriage to the lovley Shakira, was good to his younger brother, the far less successfull actor Stanley Caine, Stanley did not like to accept money from Micheal but he always treated his brother and his wife to luxury holidays and when he found out he had a half brother in a mental assylum, whom his mother had kept secret from the family, he visited him as soon as discovering his exsistance and did so until the man died.
Yeah, he and Shakira seem happy together. Great that a marriage like is around in these times. Family seems important to him.

I think there was a Channel 4 programme a couple of years ago called "The Real Michael Caine" and it went into detail about his life, including talking with his former minder who he now doesn't speak to.

He is an interesting actor. Sure, he has done a few duds in his day(Jaws 4 and The Hand to name a few) - but nowadays he seems to have a new lease of life in films - Batman, Children of Men, Inception, etc.
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