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I think the fact that they get paid to appear on game shows for charities in a lot of cases means they probably also get paid to plug things too.
I wonder how much they get paid to be on game shows for charity. Its a bit pointless when you think they usually come away with no more than a couple of thousand for their selected charity. I'd rather the TV programmers just gave the money straight to charity and showed re-runs of Chance In A Million or Rising Damp!

That John fella from Cold Feet was a particular load of crap on Celebrity Tipping Point a few weeks back (he came across as rather arrogant - toying with several thousands of money that wasn't his ... and then losing). At least Stacey Solomon had the decency to say that had she lost on a gamble - she'd make the money up herself (she didn't need to - she won the jackpot).
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