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The DM is anti just about anything except Call me Dave and his cronies!
Not true. The DM's built-in hatred and bigotry makes it seem anti-everything, but if you look closer, you see that the DM uncritically supports the past, the military, the police, royalty and the aristocracy, high fashion and consumerism, the paparazzi and their activities, the Commonwealth, The Taxpayer's Alliance, MIgrationWatch etc.

As for David Cameron, the DM (representing the swivel-eyed loon tendency) freely runs unfavourable stories about him, so long as it is not election time. They use the threat of their readership/Tory MPs defecting to UKIP as a stick to beat him with when he is not enough of a right-wing reactionary for their liking. Often they don't even care about the subject of the story - they are just running them as a way to pressurise the PM and have him scared that he will lose support unless he lurches to the right.

Back on topic - I ask again, does anyone have a theory why so many women read a paper that is so openly hostile to them?
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