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Because they want to read a tabloid but they don't want The Sun, they regard The Mirror is too left wing and down market, so that leaves The Daily Express or The Daily Mail...not much choice...unless you live in London and have the Evening Standard.....Personally I love the i from the Independent.
Spot on millie. And yes, I'd choose the Evening Standard and 'i' as well and I'm an ex journo.

The editorial 'standards' in the Daily Fail are utterly abysmal. Their puerile baby hacks can't be much over 20 something (their utter lack of English comprehension is a dead giveaway) possibly come very cheap and are very disposable. I suspect they are hired by the dozen - before they run screaming for the hills after a month or two because everyone hates them and they learn to hate themselves. They can't write, can't spell and don't do grammar. At all.

Anyone who writes anything along the lines of 'flashes her pins' or 'shows off her baby bump' should be banned from the media forever or until hell freezes over.
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