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Love the bumper sticker idea--and we'd be spreading the word!! Those of us using the bumper sticker or carrying the tiny yellow sweater (in some way) would probably be asked what the significance is?

But on a more serious note--someone (other than Rob, of course) should be making miniatures of the Doc's surgery, Bert's restaurant, Louisa's house, etc. They would have to be good replicas and should light up (by battery).

Another idea: note cards with various scenes of Port Wenn done by local artists perhaps? Of course paintings, etc., of Port Isaac already exist, but these would have to be the altered version to show us Doc Martin's village.

Let's come up with more ideas!
I looked at cafe press and they have "design your own" car magnets. I wonder if you could design a yellow sweater with "Martin" across the front? I tried, but am on an iPad and you need flash to design your magnet
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