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We have talked often that the actress who played Dr Dibbs had also played the matchmaker in S1, but I just stumbled on an actress who was in several different episodes - possibly as different characters (although mostly in the hospital). Kyla Goodey played the nurse who was helping the young man with the nosebleed run into Martin in "Gentlemen Prefer" (S1). Then in "Haemophobia" (S1) she was the friend of the sunbather with the mole. In "Uneasy Lies the Head" (S4) she is listed as a midwife and is the one asking Louisa about whether the father will be involved (before the BT snarkily says he won't). In "Preserve the Romance" (S5) she is the doctor who tells Louisa that she can take the baby home. Perhaps it is all one character and she took a job as a midwife while going through medical school

I googled her and she is originally from Corwall and seems to be pretty active in theatre companies.
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