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... It's all very silly that a lot of people can't look past who is saying it, and think about what is being said.
Let me say that there are a minority of topics she has spoken about before, which I do think she kind of has a point about, but the 'certain accents make you sound stupid' argument is not one of them, and I notice you did not include that one in your list.

Katie sounds, to me, to have a permanently bunged-up nose (no doubt due to some kind of sinus problem) but does it follow that this makes her sound stupid? Errr, no.

Whilst there are some accents I do not like, that is not to say it follows that this makes the person sound stupid. That, I feel, is just ridiculous. I may be wrong, but I get the feeling that some topics she speaks about is to be controversial just for the sake of it.
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