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BIB - This what I cannot understand, the sanctimonious types who preach like they've never done anything wrong and their shit don't stink. Most of us are one pay cheque away from homelessness and I believe most of us are one drink away from using alcohol as a crutch when things go bad.

Some people can use alcohol/drugs recreationally and never have a problem, other people (with addictive personality disorder) too much is never enough.

It's not always the case that an addict has to feel 'bad' or they are depressed before getting drunk/high, often it's the opposite, they feel great and in a good mood, they feel taking drink/drugs will increase their enjoyment.

A lot of addiction is based on association, what someone associates the addiction with. To most of us, heroin would be something to avoid, but for someone who has tried it and liked it, it's something they are comfortable with, it's familiar.

At times of enjoyment and at times of stress we all go back to what makes us comfortable, what we are familiar with.
That's one of the best posts to sum up addiction I've read.

That's an insulting comparison. People don't choose to take diabetic pills just to see what it's like and then tragically become addicted to being diabetic. Diabetes is an illness that the majority of people, especially young people, cannot help.

Thirteen is MORE than old enough to take responsibility for not taking drugs. Thirteen year olds know the dangers of drugs very well.
I totally disagree. At 13 I was prescribed a heroin substitute by the family doctor. It was a long time ago, we had zero knowledge of the dangers of drugs and the Doctor was regarded as God.
They made me feel brilliant, and joy of joys I could get 60 more every month, no examinations, no medicals. I didn't realise I was addicted until my mid 20's when I ran out and within a day I couldn't talk or function properly. The withdrawal was horrific.
It took me many more years to eventually wean myself down. Fundamentally people drink or take drugs because they initially make you feel good. Prescription drugs account for more overdoses than illegal ones, but there isn't the same stigma attached, because, presumably, they were prescribed for an illness so people cut you more slack
vile rant? please, i share a view , in question form, that does not subscribe to the 'oh the poor victim of drug abuse' mentality that you and others hold and its's a vile rant.
here's what i find vile.....making excuses for addiction !
Then, with respect and noting that you've been around it ,your understanding of the nature of addiction is abysmal.
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