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I had my daughter at a late age and got pregnant within weeks of deciding to try ... I flew through pregnancy.. Had no health issues and my daughter was 9lb 1oz ... I think a lot of the time it's down to the woman's health how a pregnancy progresses... Oh and I worked up until a week before she was born
I was 36 when I fell pregnant, 2nd month of trying. Mum fell pregnant at 41 after thinking 'if it happens, it happens' when she met my step dad at 40. Friend at work fell pregnant at 44 after thinking the same thing.

Possibly because of the industry I work in but most of my friends are reasonably career minded (but not in a Katie Hopkins way ) but the first of my friends to have a baby was 33. At age 30 no one had kids, at age 40, we all did and not an IVF amongst us
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