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Hi Topaz!! Nice to see you here. Yes. Karen and Pasha looked so good together. But Iveta and Pasha were amazing as well. As you mention Pasha always bonds beautifully with his or celeb. The only exception in my opinion was Aliona. And I know who was to blame for that!!!!...Theoretically , I also think Khristina would not be that good a partner for him as their dancing styles are so different as was Aliona's. But so saying... Khristina and Pasha might still I don't think that will happen... I think Emma will be partnering Pasha this year...although I would be very excited with Janette as well...
In several interviews around his SYTYCD time and afterwards Pasha has mentioned that he can only dance his best with his partner as he has always been a partner dancer and the only way to make the dance look beautiful and himself as a dancer look good is to present his partner well and make her look good... That's his secret... Although I mostly ever notice him only....
I think he will partner Janette next year, because with every picture I see of her I'm surprised about how small she is.
With Vincent gone Pasha is the shortest pro dancer I believe. From what I've seen of both they'll look good together!
Hi there

I think Kristina is established with Robin now who she's really well suited to so I don't think there's much chance they'd put her with Pasha - on a personal level she probably gets on really well with Pasha because they're both from Siberia but as Pashulty says their styles of dancing are so different.

I think the shortest pro now looks to be Robin - perhaps it doesn't seem that way because he's quite burly and muscular but I think I remember his height being stated as 5ft 9. However as I said before I really think they should keep him and Kristina together because even though Janette will be the shortest female pro now I don't think she'd suit Robin.

Both Pasha and Artem are 5ft 10 - Artem's height was erroneously stated by many as 5ft 11 but he himself has said he's 5ft 10. I think Iveta was great with Pasha but I think because of age and height and the fact she's got more of a ballroom background than the other two new girls she's probably going to have the unfortunate fate of being Anton's partner but she's got a great sense of humour so she'll now how best to handle him Pasha's partner could be either Janette or Emma but at a guess I'd say it'll be Janette
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