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Hi Topaz!!...Since our earlier posts and your post above I have had time to think (...yes yes... I know guys... even I sometimes think...)... well at least as much as possible with the minimal amount of grey cells I have

Although I still think there is no chance of a Kristina/Pasha partnership and this is just a convo for the sake of a convo, as you mentioned on a personal level I think they are probably friends. I have also had time to think about the compatibility as dance partners of these two and although at first glance they might not seem compatible I think they would make it work beautifully. You know how everyone was wondering about Pasha's credentials as a choreographer and a teacher as those seemed unknown elements in the media when he had started on SCD. Obviously everyone knows now how superb he is and more. But I think his versatility is astonishing and he knows where and how to pitch things appropriately. Who would think after watching his choreo on SCD and not knowing anything else that these were his choreo (obviously with Anya's help) ?

I loved both those routines... Can you just imagine how amazing these routines would have been with Pasha and Anya/Kristina? Those girls are so earthy...mmm... (Mind you in no way I am a great fan of 'desperate' Kristina...but I have been wowed by some of her choreo for Jason and some of her other dances)

I also think Iveta will be paired with Anton for all the reasons you have mentioned... Will just have to wait and see who partners mentioned a million times that Aliona is gone I don't care... I will be happy for him with any of the pro girls... ... Pasha will make it work with anyone...

I am not going into the height issue all over again. All I know is he is the perfect height for me to rest my head on his chest ... (Yup...gutter hadn't left you for long although was having a cerebral moment...)
lol Pashulty it's nice to see your mind working overtime but somehow I don't think that's difficult for you re Pasha Thanks for those links - I loved that routine they choregraphed for Courtney and Gev.

Yes I think Pasha could work well with almost anyone and if he had to dance with Kristina he could easily make it work as could she. I happen to like Kristina - she can be OTT and she is an extrovert as opposed to Pasha who despite his affable personality is more of an introvert but I think she's good at heart. They'd easily make it work in Latin - ballroom would be more of a problem because Pasha's style is more lyrical but they could easily merge their styles.

Whichever pro gets to work with him next series - she is going to be one lucky lady
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