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lol Pashulty it's nice to see your mind working overtime but somehow I don't think that's difficult for you re Pasha Thanks for those links - I loved that routine they choregraphed for Courtney and Gev.

Yes I think Pasha could work well with almost anyone and if he had to dance with Kristina he could easily make it work as could she. I happen to like Kristina - she can be OTT and she is an extrovert as opposed to Pasha who despite his affable personality is more of an introvert but I think she's good at heart. They'd easily make it work in Latin - ballroom would be more of a problem because Pasha's style is more lyrical but they could easily merge their styles.

Whichever pro gets to work with him next series - she is going to be one lucky lady
Agree with all you say Topaz... specially the last one...... Lucky lady indeed!!!!! ..

ETA.. the routine by Evan and Randi loses impact only for the music...If you watch it superimposed with a traditional samba music its amazing!!!!
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