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Binge drink UK - that's what our nation is known for around the world (I'm an ex-pat living in South Korea). Binge drinking is using alcohol like it's a drug, the sole purpose in binge drinking is to get high off alcohol. Alcohol is so accepted in society it gets it's own word to describe the 'high', being drunk. To be 'high' is associated with drugs and drugs are evil (remember, your government wants you to think that way). Being drunk is OK though.

Oh dear, Houston we have a problem.
Yep, completely agree. I was lucky in that when I was a teenager (in the 1980s) my parents thought it was far more sensible for me to "learn" about alcohol and my tolerance for it by allowing me to try it at home (from age 15 upwards) and not to wait until I was 18 and going out for the first time and getting utterly plastered.
I think I've been out of my mind drunk on about five occasions in my whole life and, these days, I rarely drink at all.
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