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Binge drink UK - that's what our nation is known for around the world (I'm an ex-pat living in South Korea). Binge drinking is using alcohol like it's a drug, the sole purpose in binge drinking is to get high off alcohol. Alcohol is so accepted in society it gets it's own word to describe the 'high', being drunk. To be 'high' is associated with drugs and drugs are evil (remember, your government wants you to think that way). Being drunk is OK though.

Oh dear, Houston we have a problem.
I know that this is going to sound like a moot point, but anyway, I do think it is important to highlight that there IS a difference between the 'purpose' of alcohol and what are more commonly referred to as 'drugs'. Let me clear - I know very well that alcohol is a drug. BUT, and this is important, the product on sale is not 'alcohol', it is alcoholic beverage. As in, it's a beverage that happens to contain alcohol, and if you consume too much of that then certain effects are going to happen.

With 'drugs' drugs, however, there is no ambiguity. They exist, and people use them, solely and purposefully for 'getting high'. THAT is why they are not on general commercial sale.

Again, I know it's a moot point at the end of the day where an addict is concerned, because the crucial thing is that whatever it is, it may well likely end up killing them. It's just that I don't like this constant 'comparison' argument that the available presence of alcohol in society is as deleterious as that of 'drugs' drugs, and that therefore there is an anomaly between the legality of one and not the other.
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