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Except they do exist beyond getting high - cocaine, morphine, heroin and their various by products have a long history of use in pain killers. Marauana has helped a lot of cancer patients. It's all ambiguous.
Definitely and a good point. I agree with it. Medical marijuana has been a huge benefit to loads of people and now our medical practitioners turn a blind eye to those taking it for pain relief. I wish we were like Holland and it was legally prescribed.
( We're going a long way off Cory Monteith, aren't we? Sorry)

My point was that, on taking my pills at 13 I was psychologically hooked after about 3 tablets. They made me feel wonderful, like being drunk without the hangover.
Did I need them after a few months? Hell no, but as they altered my mind for the better (IMO), I took them for years until I was physically addicted as well..

It wouldn't happen today because those particular tablets have been banned in this country, but I took them, like any other addict, because I loved the high. Not because I needed them. But until recently the notion of prescription drug addiction wasn't addressed or even mentioned.

I'm not sure, even today, if I had some that I wouldn't take them. I just associate them with feeling great. Scary thought.

I hope that, as with smoking, which has seen a huge decline in my lifetime that drugs become as socially unacceptable. Because as Tommy pointed out, when you're depressed or anxious, you turn to the thing that blots it out.

Rehab has one of the lowest success rates in keeping off alcohol and drugs. The number of people who relapse is staggering. I applaud anyone who can detox AND stay clean and sober. It's a constant struggle for many and I would never trivialise the sheer effort it takes.
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