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My take on it is that the press have latched onto her because she's young, colourful and is not afraid to make a t1t of herself and she seems good fun. There's nobody else quite like her in modelling atm.

She's also a conduit for the Primrose Hill/London hipster mob, the haute couture fashion world and big female music stars like Rihanna (new wifey?) and Rita so there's plenty going on around her. She's a reporter's dream, a tomboy that scrubs up well. It's captain obvious that she likes girls at least as much as/more than boys and isn't shy about any closet (and good for her ) - and partying - so she'll be of endless interest to editors, gossip columnists and those seeking stories.

But with youth comes inexperience and the gutter press headlines are probably already being written in advance, just for the day. Much as they are currently slobbering the press will be waiting with knives out for when she trips up so she'll need to be careful....and watch her back.
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