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Was is Jamine Leonard or Alicia Dovall who said our Simon goes like a train and can manage 11 hours on the job?

Chapeaus off to Lauren Silverman though......she has majored in 'open cast gold digging', drives a JCB, and succeeded where the lesser members of the Harem have failed. Who said patience wasn't a virtue?

Don't know about putting 'a ring on it', more like he should have 'tied a knot in it'.
Still at least Mummy Cowell is happy at the prospect of being a Grandma.

Personally I think it's a master PR stroke as our Max knows the only thing that shifts copy faster is a Royal wedding or Royal baby and there is no more likely to be one of those this side of Christmas leaving all headlines clear for a very hetro Daddy Cowell, his virile self and a fading TV show in need of a shove up the ratings.
Hi Mrs BBV long time no see. Yep this even trumps finding " the one" with old mishgone. You don't actually believe it's his do you ? well not by the conventional method anyway
Going to interesting to see how this one plays out This could actually do him a lot of harm over the pond. Being a bit a bit of a goer is one thing( though at his age i seriously doubt he is ) but not with your friend's mrs
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