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Are you going to be using the same excuse when she sells an exclusive photoshoot of the new baby Cyril?
She can do what she likes Sam. I'm not here to make excuses for her. I kind of know how these things work and i gave my take on it and why. As i said, she hasn't actually stated she isn't doing any press ever, but i do see that she has selectively stepped back to an extent.

Personally i'd hope she wouldn't sell a photo of it - but what can you do? They will go and take a photo of her with it anyway or what's she meant to do - hide away? The issue for me more is that she has acknowledged that she was pressured into putting the kids onto reality shows, which makes sense when you look at how much ITV2 seems to depend on them for ratings, it's clearly affected the young boy in a not so good way, and she has said she would not ever do that again. So far, she hasn't. So she has totally stuck to her word. If that changed she would be very hypocritical.
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