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Can't stand the woman but at the end of the day a baby is a blessing.

There is something not right about this story. I don't believe that she was only 32 weeks pregnant. I think the baby was probably born nearer it's due date and probably at a heavier weight. Many posters on here predicted that she would make up some drama and and have spme premature birth drama to hide the fact of the baby's true paternity.

All that private pregnancy bo$&?ks was laughable. She just wanted to keep the bump hidden for an exclusive with the Sun. A preganant body is beautiful but posing in stockings, pouting,legs akimbo is just downright tacky. Put it away love, we've seen it all before!

Feel sorry for this poor little mite , Saddled with a stupid name and an abomination of a mother.
This ^^^ . With bells on. Sums it up really.
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